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Are there any songs you've written that (essentially they would be perfect) but just hit so close to home that you've put them away? When I first got into tMG my brother told me Golden Boy Peanuts was something you didn't play live because of the origins of it. Is that true and are there any other songs like that?


This is kind of fascinating - it’s like a game of telephone. I don’t play “Golden Boy” because it sort of just doesn’t really fit into the set, usually - it feels like, you know, like let’s say we’re all sitting around sharing stories about times we were in really bad shape, and there’s funny parts to the stories but they’ve also got some real dark depths, we’re really having the sort of conversation that makes you feel like conversation is an essential human activity maybe higher than the arts or science or whatever…and then one guy says “Hey, did you guys see that quiz Jane shared on Facebook, ‘Which Famous Nihilist or Member of One Direction Are You?’” and everybody’s like dude, yes, hilarious, kinda not now, also you’re talking about Facebook in conversation.

That’s “Golden Boy.” “Golden Boy” in the live set is the guy talking about Facebook instead of participating in the conversation. I dig “Golden Boy” on the compilation it was issued on and on the comp-of-comps it was reissued on, but it generally doesn’t belong in the live set. I think I last played it in…2012? Not that long ago. Same basic deal with most of the “funny” songs, for me playing live is trying to build a house in real time. No funny angles on the doors, I want everybody inside the house by the time I’m done so we can all get scared in the dark together.

Songs that actually reach me emotionally, those are all fair game, sometimes I try to hold ‘em back a little so they won’t lose their sting for me because those kinds of songs work best when they feel freshest to me.